The Savage


Hazeroth-class raider
Speed 10
Maneuver. +23
Detection +22
Turret Rating 1
Armor 14
Hull Int. 32

Essential Components
Jovian Pattern Class 2 Drive
Single Void Shield
Warpsbane Hull (+10 to Navigation Tests in the Warp; roll twice on Warp Travel Encounters & choose)
Command Bridge (+5 to Command Tests by the Captain, +5 to Ballistic Skill tests with ship weapons)
Mk I.r Life Sustainer (+1 to all Morale losses)
Voidsman Quarters
Deep Void Auger Array (+10 Detection)

Supplemental Components
Mars-pattern Macrocannon Battery (dorsal)
Titanforge Lance Weapon (prow)
Murder Servitors
Trophy Room

Finances in Arrears (all Endeavor Objectives require 50 additional Achievement Points)

Machine Spirit
Adventurous (+10 Detection during Endeavors, -10 Detection otherwise)


The “Hazeroth Raider” is not a single ship type, but a collective designation for the sort of fast attack vessels preferred by raiders and privateers. Like most raiders, the Savage is an idiosyncratic design, its original builders and specifications lost to time. Some previous owner has upgraded the vessel at great expense for long-range exploration, with powerful scanners and a Warpsbane hull. Gleaming in untarnished gold, and with the proud figurehead of a feral-world Saint atop its prow, the Savage itself seems to yearn for the great unexplored expanse.

The ship’s last captain was involved with Cold Trade smuggling in the Calixis Sector, which led to the attention of the Inquisition and his interdiction by the Imperial Navy. The salvaged vessel was brought to Port Wander, and has spent the last few years being rebuilt. The Savage draws attention beyond its modest size and armament, making it precisely the sort of ship an ambitious Rogue Trader would want to build his reputation.

The Savage

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