Tertius Aemilianus


There is something odd about Tertius; it hangs at the back of your mind and resists all attempts at definition. Perhaps it is his overlong arms, or the almost imperceptibly strange way his joints and muscles move. It could be the odd shape of his pupils barely visible in his milky eyes or the peculiar ridges surrounding them. It could just be the otherworldly feeling is due to his being an Astropath. Regardless, after spending a little time getting to know him, it is hard not to like him.

Motivations: The Thrill of War, The Desire to be Left Alone
XP Spent: 13,500 – Rank 4

Max Wounds: 14
Current Wounds: 14
Insanity: 6
Corruption: 4
Fate Points: 3

WS: 40
BS: 25
S: 40
T: 40
Ag: 50
Int: 60
Per: 40
WP: 65
Fel: 21

Awareness (20%)
CL Adeptus Astra Telepathica (trained)
CL Administratum (trained)
CL Tech (basic)
CL Machine Cult (basic)
CL Imperium (trained)
CL Imperial Navy (trained)
Dodge (trained)
FL Psyker (trained)
FL Heresy (trained)
FL Warp (trained)
Invocation (trained)
Literacy (trained)
Psyniscience (20%)
Scrutiny (10%)
SL Cryptology (trained)
SL Tactica Imperialis (trained)
SL Occult (trained)
Speak Language (Low Gothic, High Gothic) (trained)
Secret Tongue Rogue Trader (trained)

(S) Astral Telepathy
Mind Probe
Mind’s Eye
Sensory Deprivation

(S) Mind Over Matter
Precision Telekinesis

Traits & Talents:
Chem Geld
Enemy: Project Orestes
Heightened Senses (Sound)
Hatred (Daemons)
Nerves of Steel
Pistol Weapons Training (UNI)
Psy Rating 5
Psyker Amplification Implant (+1 Psy)
Sound Constitution x2 [R2]
Total Recall
Resistance (Psychic Powers)

Noteworthy Acquisitions:
*Alien tech. based sword
*Partially trained juvenile canine creature


My first real memories are of the lessons. Endless sessions in my cell, being inundated with information and bombarded with questions. With the passage of time only being marked by the whirring stomp that indicated the approach of yet another tutor. For a time I reveled in it, this tempering of my mind, especially the lessons in tactics. Even the excruciating pain that would accompany my failures. I quickly wearied of the physical examinations, however, with the countless needles, poking, and prodding.

When even the tactics lessons began to lose their enticement for me, I began to experiment with rebellion. I actively searched for ways to break the tests and stymie my taciturn guardians. Their harsh punishments taught me subtlety and as my knowledge of the worlds beyond my cell door grew, so did my anger at being caged therein.

Then a new sensation entered my cell, distant rumbling. It started as a mere vibration, barely perceptible, and grew stronger quickly. After a time it was possible to distinguish distinct sources of sound from multiple directions. Could these be detonations? Possibly even munitions? Evidently the situation outside was dire enough that my wardens decided that it was time to move me to a safer location.

After being pushed across the threshold of my cell door, we moved quickly with my guardians glancing around at every sound. Our path lead us past smoking corridors piled high with corpses and with each step I sensed my jailors getting more and more on edge. Short bursts of gunfire along with a myriad of other sounds would result in a quick discussion regardless of whether nearby or far off. As we continued to proceed the corridors grew larger and the rooms they connected grew more and more immense.

In the midst of navigating the maze of machinery in one such room, we were suddenly surrounded by the sounds of pursuing footsteps. Three of my four guardians moved off to draw fire while the fourth continued to push my towards our unknown destination. At this point I began to sense the potential of gaining my freedom, to feel it with every fiber of my being. I eventually tried to bolt as we neared the closest sound of ships launching. It seems he had been half expecting it and grabbed my leg with one of his appendages while another extruded a needle dripping with some chemical. I resisted, smashing at the appendage holding me. I would not be held from my freedom. It was so close. So close. No. And then came one of the headaches that had started appearing recently. It grew in power until it felt like my head would split apart. And then it …did …in a way. Everything crystallized into a moment of supreme clarity. I saw into his mind.



The shock numbed my mind and the moment collapsed. With that collapse I was wrenched free from his grasp and we were flung apart. I landed in a daze and slowly stumbled to my feet. I was the first to regain my footing as he still lay on the floor, and afraid to lose my chance I fled.

The sounds of warfare grew louder around me and the evidence of battle grew stronger as I approached the hangar. The huge space defied understanding and held more ships than I could count. I could pick out several battles taking place amidst the larger ships while smaller, more maneuverable craft sought escape through the massive hangar doors. Moving carefully through the space I was able to join a throng of people boarding one of the smallest craft.

Somehow our vessel survived the flight as I crouched in the cargo area, fearing each thump on the hull and each shock that pitched people around like rag dolls. Then I was free, lost in a sea of faces.

That idea continued to hold a great deal of meaning for me as the refuge our ship eventually found was a hive world called Thuringia. I grew up on the streets; with no one to provide for me it was necessary to join on of the countless gangs. There I met my first real friend, Thierges, and together we grew strong and sure through many battles to maintain our turf. He learned a respect for my understanding of tactics and I a respect for his leadership skills. In time he became the leader of the gang and we prospered. I tried to forget my past and lose myself in the present. This was difficult as my physical …differences from the others grew more pronounced as I matured. But with Thierges at the head of the gang, I had nothing to worry about and in time the others grew to respect my skills as well. I was content with my lot and enjoyed the rush of throwing myself into the melee.

But good things never last. During one of my solo reconnaissance outings I spied something in the crowds that I never thought I would lay eyes on again. A sight I had seen every day of my life for most of my childhood. A tech priest sporting a cloak pin with a sigil of double crescents upon it. He was accompanied by a large group of soldiers and then the man he was talking to pointed in my direction. Our eyes met. I felt the icy fingers of terror squeezing my insides and I fled, charging through the crowd and hearing the sounds of my pursuers close behind me.

I fled for hours, going further and further from what I knew in my mindless dash to escape those soldiers. After a while more I could not hear them but kept on going. Suddenly a large vehicle loomed out of the crowd and I slammed into it blacking out.

When I came to, I thought for a moment that I was still on Thuringia. Then the engines fired and I sought to find out where I was. It was a black ship. I was aware that some of my abilities had been attributed to psykers but up until now it had never been an issue. From here on there was no turning back.

I try not to think back upon the torment of the soul binding, when my eyes went dark, and the years following. With my usual knack for luck I was chosen to become an Astropath instead of being sacrificed to the emperor. I took to it quickly, like everything else and in time grew to love facing the risks of the warp and the psychic battle of wits I could engage in with anyone.

In time I was able to return to Thuringia, and tried to find my old gang. They had disappeared, whether by being swallowed by a rival gang, executed at the whims of that tech priest, or something worse, none of the rumors agreed. In sadness I found the nearest bar and proceeded to attempt and drown out my sorrows. In the midst of this I was approached by a man, he was hired to search out a new Astropath for a vessel called “the Savage” (waving his hands when asked why the old one wouldn’t do anymore) and plied me with story upon story of adventures out in the expanse. It sounded interesting, or perhaps it was the alcohol talking… And anywhere was better than here. In the end I agreed after getting as many free drinks as I could. “What are you called?” He asked as he proffered a hand, somewhat warily. “Tertius. Tertius… Aemilianus.”

Tertius Aemilianus

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