Maj. Sir Gonville Martin Bromhead III

Maj. Sir Gonville Martin Bromhead III, Companion of the Illustrious Order of the Eagle, Fellow of the Imperial Society, late of the Emperor's Own 47th Imperial Northumberland Fusiliers.


“I say old chap, this reminds me of the time on Halloran V when I was stranded in the jungle with naught but my bloomers and a knife for two months! The rescue party found me with two tamed Wolf-Lions and a village of locals worshipping an effigy of The Emperor!”

Quote of dubious veracity attributed to self-styled Maj. Gonville Martin Bromhead, of the 47th Northumberland Fusiliers.

“I remember the menace that came to Holy Terra. The 47th was deployed in hotzones all over the surface of Mars, with the skullies thick as the bush on Catachan. Good hunting for the artillery and the lads up on the ship, but we were deep into it. It came down to stacking the dead as sandbags, ten high in some places. We only just managed to hold on until the skullies started to move off, guess they had lost too many. I personally led the charge that wiped out the last group of them huddled around the body of some Techpriest, it looked like they were…..upgrading him. Nasty business…”

Maj. Bromhead, recounting his experiences in the Tomb War.

“Ever heard of this place out in the expanse called Ourobouros? Lovely provincial world just south of Port Wander. Temporarily assigned there to train up the local lads for service to the Emperor. I tell you those boys have got the right idea about war. Marching in a neat line straight into the face of the enemy, never so much as flinching while the shells are falling all about them. I watched them charge a redoubt built by some damnable walking lizards with nought but bayonets and fire in their bellies. They carried the top in good order, gunning down the survivors with precise volleys of lasgun fire. A truly inspiring sight!

Maj. Bromhead, on the meritorious actions of the First Ourobouros Guard regiment during the battle of Reptar V.

Maj. Sir Gonville Martin Bromhead III

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