“To serve the God-Emperor, to bring light to those who were in darkness, and to grow rich as all men desire.”

Fifteen years have passed since the final battle of the Tomb War. Though the xenos threat was defeated in the Sol System, the Koronus Expanse has only become more dangerous. The decimation of Imperial Navy and Rogue Trader fleets have left the trade routes and colony worlds of the Expanse unprotected. Footfall is destroyed, no longer providing shelter and supply to those who traverse the Maw. Pirates have grown more aggressive, and xenos incursions rampage uncontested. Once-mighty trading houses safeguard their much-diminished fortunes, hoarding their remaining wealth and ships. Entire worlds have lost their lifeline to the rest of the Imperium, and are threatened with famine, barbarism, or extinction.

But for the new breed of Rogue Traders who venture out into the Koronus Expanse, this means even greater opportunities for the plucking, for those cunning and strong enough to seize them.

The Savage Expanse

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